Goodwill and Brand Awareness:

A powerful combination

Earlier this fall a series of three events happened within an 18-hour window which prompted me to reflect on the power of goodwill and significance of brand awareness. As the person responsible for marketing for CDS, I fully recognize the importance of striving to attain synergy and continual improvement on both fronts.

The sequence of events began on a Friday evening at a fundraiser benefitting Aurora-King-Richmond Hill Hospice at which CDS sponsored a table. My husband and I joined eight CDS parents and faculty members for a fun evening to raise money for a worthy cause. The School was well represented that evening, not only at our table, but many in attendance had a former or current CDS connection as well.

The following morning, I had to come by the School early to meet the installer of this year’s driveway banners. To accompany the recent launch of our new strategic plan, Envisioning Our Future, we decided to integrate the icons that symbolize our four goals for the next five years into the design of the banners: Support, Know and Inspire; Balance and Innovate; Build and Engage our Community; and Enhance our Financial Sustainability. It was a beautiful autumn day and, as I watched the first few banners go up, I was struck by how impactful they looked against the bright blue sky.

On my way home, I stopped by Pine Farm Orchards in King to buy apples. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly young man who took one look at my CDS sweatshirt and proudly shared that he is a student at CDS. We proceeded to chat about how quickly his final year was passing, what his plans are for next year, and eventually, different apple varieties.

This studenthas attended CDS since Grade 9 and is fine ambassador for the School. I walked away from our conversation proud of where I work, impressed by the student I had seen in the hallways for four years but never met, and thankful for the fact that I had worn my CDS apparel that morning, which facilitated the conversation in the first place. I like to think that Reid experienced a similar feeling of pride as well.

Examples of the power of brand and goodwill are all around us and the opportunity to make new connections and re-engage with past connections never ends. I shall continue to wear my CDS gear proudly and encourage you to do the same.

Kim Sillcox
Director of Marketing & Communications

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