What Might the Future Hold for CDS?

A Look to the Past Keeps Us Grounded

Many of us approach spring as a time of renewal. This year, as the daffodils bloomed and the leaves started to appear on the trees, Head of School, John Liggett, was doing some spring cleaning and unearthed a gem on his book shelves written by CDS Co-founder, Edmond G. Eberts, entitled Ebe: Reminiscences of a Lucky Guy.

Ed had presented John with this book during his first year as Head in 2011. At the time, John read and enjoyed these musings and then did what we all do after finishing a book, placed it on the shelf. Tucked inside this autobiography was a message from the School’s first Headmaster, Mr. John Pratt, dated from 1975.

In these remarks, the late Mr. Pratt thanked the founders in what was the original yearbook, Dayspring, and offered his readers a brief history of CDS. It was 1970 and the local government had decided to shut down its country schools and bus primary students from King Township to one of the new regional public elementary schools. Many parents weren’t in favour of this decision and joined forces to raise $25,000 to conduct an extensive feasibility study. Sixty families donated to the cause, including community members with grown children.

Mr. Pratt went on to say that CDS opened its doors on September 11, 1972, for 49 students, 11 Grades (Pre-K to Grade 8) in three rooms of the Eversley Public School (S.S. #22, 1883). “Dedication” had been a key ingredient in bringing this dream to fruition.

He also speculated about what the future might hold for CDS: “It is likely that we will grow somewhat larger, but never so large that the essential warmth, humanity, and capacity for individual attention of our School is jeopardized.”

Like Mr. Pratt, Ed also did a bit of forecasting in his book, published in 2005: “While a few of us had the foresight and courage to get things up and running, it’s the many hundreds that followed in our footsteps who ultimately made our dream come true. They are the real heroes, and most deserving of our thanks.”

John Liggett shared some of these reminiscences at this year’s Parent Association AGM, as well as the 44th Auction. In his words, “we’ve had thousands of heroes at this point in CDS’ history. That’s the spirit of CDS, and it is a pleasure to continue to try and keep their dreams alive.”

CDS continues to try and honour the legacy of our past in all that we do.

Kim Sillcox
Director of Marketing & Communications

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