By George, We’ve Done It! The Launch of a Blog

As the person responsible for generating much of the content for our website and print publications, my biggest challenge in launching a CDS blog was how I would make our blog posts different from all the other stories we currently share. Not to mention the excuse of limited time, and really, “how do I even get started?”

No one was asking me to start a blog, however, everywhere I turned there seemed to be untapped content for me to take advantage of and share. Whether it be remarks made by a student or teacher at an assembly, a story of a summer adventure, alumni connections made near and far, wellness or parenting advice – I was in search of another media platform from which to share.

Everything I know and have read about blogs is that they are best received when written genuinely and from a personal perspective. Unlike a news story, a blog post can be whatever you want it to be about. In the case of The Country Day School blog, our only proviso will be that it have something to do with our tagline, education with balance, and offer a glimpse behind the scenes.

As a school, we encourage our students to embrace a life of balance in all that they do. And as educators and administrators, the faculty and staff try to do the same. In the uber-connected world that we live in, with the pace of life cranked to 11, this is sometimes a tall task. But persevere we must, as we know that balance can offer a calming environment in which to learn, play, create, compete, grow, thrive and live life to the fullest.

The other hope I have for this blog is that it will represent a community-wide voice, not just mine. As they say, “It takes a village.” I hope to have contributors from all of our constituencies partake: faculty and staff, students, alumni and parents. The posts will come through my office, but will represent a communal perspective on what goes on at this great school we are part of.

So without further ado, welcome to CDS’ Education with Balance blog! We will strive for weekly posts, so come back often. And if you have a blog post idea or submission, please send it to me at All are welcome.

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