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As the Digital Media Producer at The Country Day School, I’m fortunate to work across our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools to create content for our community every day. Often people will compliment me for a video or a social media post, but without the brilliant minds of our faculty, staff and students, the content would not be anywhere near as interesting and inspiring.

It was a question I initially asked myself when applying for the position almost five years ago – “What type of content will I be creating for this school?”

I quickly learned the faculty and staff are passionate about their teaching disciplines and their students. They constantly contact me wanting to share classroom experiences, finished projects and any upcoming opportunity they feel is worth sharing with our parents and greater Country Day School community.

Not only do I appreciate their willingness to share, but I have begun to understand just how special our educators are. They aim to create unique and challenging learning opportunities for students that are also incredibly fun. The type of learning experience you won’t forget.

I not only see this firsthand when I’m filming these exercises, but the students also tell me themselves when I interview them or they’ll tell me off camera in the hallways or dining hall.

Here are just a few examples of the level of commitment our teachers demonstrate:

  • A nationwide event, “Hackergal” also took place at CDS where female programmers have their own hackathon to generate  and increase a higher level of participation among girls in computer programming in the Senior School.
  • Mr. Garbe’s passion for theatre and social change helped us connect with the director of Hamilton and In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda, on Twitter to share our “Alabanza for Puerto Rico” video.

Every day, the Office of Community Relations tries to bring you just a little bit further into these innovative, creative and thought-provoking learning opportunities that our teachers create for our students.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into what we get to see every single day.

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