Pointing Our Kids in the Right Direction. But What Really Matters is the Right Fit

Whether your child is just starting Kindergarten or beginning to explore post-secondary options as a Grade 10 or 11 student, finding the right fit is a never-ending quest. Even as adults, some of us still may be searching for the next fork in the road, so to speak, and continuing education is often a good place to start!

From school entrance to graduation, our job as parents is to point our children in the right direction. When they are young, we choose for them the direction we feel is best. However, the older they get, the more capable they are of thinking for themselves and the more opinions they have on what paths they wish to explore. Even so, life decisions sometimes feel overwhelming. This article may prove helpful.

Our Office of Admission and Post-Secondary Counselling, which David Huckvale manages, is front and centre in helping our students navigate these waters. This office features prominently at the gateway of your child’s CDS journey and is also instrumental when graduation approaches in advising them on post-CDS decisions.

Last spring, David changed the second part of his title from University Placement to Post-Secondary Counselling. In so doing, CDS has endorsed the growing mindset that hybrid university and college degrees are as respectable a choice as a university degree. As Dr. Karen Sumner writes in her piece, college is not what it used to be. University degrees offered at colleges, specialty college degrees, or smaller, more unique university programs are definitely worthy of consideration. In today’s world, there are so many options to choose from. It’s important to remain open to exploring all those that pique one’s interest.

I was recently at a gathering in my hometown chatting with a friend’s two grown sons. One is gainfully employed in New York City and the other is a recent graduate from a small liberal arts college in the southern United States. The second son is feeling aimless and regrets pursuing a Business major when what he really wanted was to study English literature and teach. I couldn’t help but ask, “Why didn’t you?” His response: “My parents wanted me to study Business.”

We parents can make suggestions to our heart’s content on what areas of study we see our children pursuing. However, if we strong arm too much, we may end up doing them a disservice.

It is 2020, and while some students are conflicted and unsure about what they want, others have their sights very carefully and accurately set on their path. After they reach a certain age, as parents we are here to guide, encourage and support, so that they may soar.

To learn more about finding the right fit for your child … read the latest issue of The Growing Mind in the Fall 2019 Link magazine entitled Finding the Right Path, by Dr. Karen Sumner.