Day in the Life of Arjun

7:02 AM

I have my alarm set to disturb the paradise of slumber at 6:55; however, I typically try to catch a few more valuable minutes of sleep, before the adrenaline of my coming day kicks in. The first struggle of a quintessential school day commences as the daze of sleep subsides and I am left to scavenge for my glasses, which somehow vanish each time the glare of morning shines through my windows. After grabbing a few bites of breakfast, I stumble out the door to catch my 7:38 bus and the hour long music filled, rocky adventure starts.

8:40 AM

We escape the frigid parking lot, and enter the social hotspot of the new Senior School. After homeroom comes to a close, the day takes off in rapid succession and the loop of familiar classes make it fly by in the blink of an eye. 

8:50 AM

Computer Science Class with Mr. Moorlag is the best way to break the clutch of the intense cold. As my class proceeds to chip away at the day’s lesson plans, words are sporadically littered in the terminal and the cold dissipates as our hands thaw with the rapid clicks of the keyboard. Mr. Moorlag chose to teach Computer Science in a series of video lessons, rather than preparing a lecture and showcasing the various topics on a whiteboard. This not only encourages students to work at their own pace, but it is also exceptionally beneficial when preparing for an upcoming assessment. 

10:10 AM

Period 1 finishes with a recap of upcoming assessments and a constant reminder of extra help, allowing all students to succeed. The hallways leading to my next class are suffused with conversation, and I always find myself grabbing an apple to keep me going throughout the morning.

The trek from the science wing to the Middle School ends when my friends and I emerge through the wooden doors to Period 2.

10:25 AM

Computer Engineering with Mr. Wappel starts, and is typically greeted with five minutes of typing, in order to warm up our hands for the various activities required for completion in the later part of the class. The keyboards are then tucked away, and the class immediately transitions to working on circuits that emulate turn signals in vehicles to concocting a circuit that performs simple addition. Students in the class are always at various stages in the course, and others are encouraged to lend a helping hand to further exemplify the importance of companionship in a school environment. 

Arjun and Mr. Kargovski

11:45 AM

The aroma of the various lunchtime meals infuses the air, and the entire school gravitates toward the lunch line. The feeling of intimidation and the intense fragrance greet you as you enter the dining hall. The choice of deciding what to eat is daunting, the variety of choices ranging from salad bars, soup stations, and a deli bar keeps students coming back for seconds! I will say lunch is always something to look forward to!

After eating lunch, working in the library and catching up with my teachers and friends, I’m off to my third class.

12:35 PM

Mathematics with Ms. Jepson kicks off with a recap of the prior day’s lesson. All students are encouraged to field questions about their homework assigned from their last class, and it is from that point where the lesson starts. Quadratic functions and learning how to interpret them can be daunting for some, yet all students in the classroom, regardless of their skill level work with one another, and it is in Mathematics class where the idea that a school exemplifies a symbiotic environment is explored. Allocated time to finish any practice work takes up most of the period, and during that time students are free to ask any questions about math, extra help and enrichment opportunities.

1:55 PM

Henry Xiu and Arjun working together in Computer Engineering

Ms. Houston’s Science class is up next and typically starts with an engaging attendance question ranging from your favourite microbe is to what you had for dinner last night. After our attendance question the class promptly starts and with it the familiar sounds of preparing a microscope and note taking commences. I typically work away on any enrichment work while helping other students with the day’s lesson. In the Biology and Ecology component of Grade 10 Science, students are tasked with learning about how life is composed and the world around us. 

3:15 PM

Fourth period is over and as 3:30 approaches, extracurricular activities are in full force. The hallways are full of student athletes, peer tutors, future engineers, debaters, actors and singers all rushing to their commitments. I am typically circulating all around the School after 3:15; however, this term I have gravitated toward the Robotics room to help program and rebuild my team’s bot. Our competition is approaching and the pressure of completion and deadlines have encouraged our teams to work together to create a marvel of engineering. 

2018 – Arjun with Middle School Debaters

But beyond Robotics, I have been involved with a multitude of extracurriculars, including Drama, Debating and DECA. I feel that every term brings a new possibility of passions to explore through the variety of extracurriculars that CDS has to offer.

4:30 PM

After the clock strikes 4:30, my team and I head to the bus loop to board our respective bus yet again, embarking on our and the music and conversation-filled journey back home.

By Arjun Walia ’22