On the road again! Adventures outside the classroom play a key role in the overall educational experience

Since the very start of my career in education some 30-odd years ago, I have been a huge proponent of the value of educational travel as a key tool in the passage from young person to adult. During the pandemic, travel – of all varieties – was obviously curtailed. And boy, did we miss it.

Evidence of this was the speed with which this year’s Italy trip for Grade 10-12 students was subscribed. Within 15 minutes of registration opening, all 40 spots were filled! Through a long-established connection with our primary educational travel provider, Georgia Hardy, we were able to secure another 40 seats for the already busy March Break travel season. This allowed us to offer a second Italy trip and find a spot for every student who wanted to go.

The demand for educational travel is obviously pent up. And for good reason. My first educational trip with students was to Paris and London back in 1995, just after the rail tunnel under the English Channel known as the Chunnel opened. Boy that makes me feel old! By the way, I no longer say “I am getting old.” I now say “I am old!” But not so old as to miss out on the opportunity to travel to Italy with 80 wonderful CDS students and eight of the most amazing teachers any school could ever want.

And what an incredible learning experience this was for everyone. Traveling with young people, while tiring, is immensely fulfilling. It broadens horizons and matures young people in an accelerated and unique fashion. Trips both near and far have always played a key role in our students’ educational experience. With the return to adventures outside the classroom, I am so thankful that CDS is “on the road again….”