Celebrating 50 Years of Alumni with the Help of a Few Faculty Legends

This has been an exciting year for those of us working in Community Relations where all things Alumni, Advancement and Communications converge. In honour of the 50th, our staff has grown from six people to 10 with the addition of four part-timers: retired teachers Steve McCutcheon and Scott Garbe, and current teachers Mark Burleigh and Jenna Romanowich.

Each of these educators has brought their own je ne sais quoi to re-engaging our alumni over the past year, whether it be through personalized emails inviting them to submit a 50 in 50 video or written testimonial (Mr. McCutcheon and Mr. Garbe); visiting New York City last fall to see CDS alumni in person and host a micro-event (Mr. Garbe accompanied by Mr. Sherman); researching Throwback Thursday posts (Mr. McCutcheon and Mr. Garbe); coordinating special drama, music and art celebrations (Ms. Romanowich); and traveling to Vancouver and Whistler over Family Day for micro-events (Mr. Burleigh).

This year, we have tried to offer something for everyone in an effort to infuse our alumni with pride for their alma mater, entice them to return to see how far their school has come, or attend a micro-event offsite to visit with their teachers and friends.

It has been an absolute thrill for those of us in Community Relations to work alongside these legendary teachers who have witnessed CDS evolve over the past 30+ years. In particular, Mr. McCutcheon and Mr. Burleigh have worked at CDS since 1990 and were both hired by our second Headmaster, Robert Ross. The memories they hold are time capsules unto themselves! Mr. Garbe not only worked at CDS for 25 years, but his two children graduated as CDS Lifers, allowing him insights into the school through the eyes of a parent as well. Mr. McCutcheon, Mr. Burleigh, and Ms. Romanowich are also CDS parents in their own right.

Whenever our alumni think back on their time at CDS, memories of their teachers come rushing to the forefront. We’ve heard over and over again that it is those who provided them with an education with balance who conjure up the most long-lasting memories.

While original faculty icons such as the late Peter Taylor and Alison Scott won’t be in attendance this June, we will have some giants here to greet you at the gates. CDS alumni, we hope you can join us on Saturday, June 24, starting at 7PM for the 50th Alumni Summer Luau. It is shaping up to be an event for the ages! Check out our 50in50 Alumni videos to get a sense of what some of our multi-talented graduates are doing today – https://www.cds.on.ca/50-in-50.