On to the next 50 Years…

This past year, The Country Day School marked its 50th anniversary—and what a wonderful time we had celebrating! Understandably, we spent most of the year fondly looking back on how much the school has grown and evolved from its humble beginnings to where we are today: opening with just 47 students in 1972 to 810 in 2023. 

One can only marvel at the growth and expansion CDS has achieved in its first five decades. This could only have happened with the help of community members who were passionate about our school’s potential and optimistic about where we were headed. Whether devoted parents or school leaders, it required all of them working together with their sights set on a common goal—offering CDS students the best education imaginable.

In June, we lost our dear friend Michael Burns, the lead donor to the Building Magic campaign and a beloved father, grandfather, friend and past Board Chair. Then, on September 11th, our opening day 51 years ago, we lost one of our beloved co-founders, Moffat Dunlap, a father of four CDS students, devoted volunteer and Auction Chair, donor, and friend. These two men, along with their spouses and peers, helped guide us to where we are today.

With an acknowledgment of our past and our dear founders, we turn this bellwether anniversary into an opportunity to dream about and look forward to the next 50 years. We want to continue to build and advance our strong reputation as a leading educational institution. To grow even stronger in supporting, knowing and inspiring our students. To continue to provide innovative and engaging programs through educators who genuinely care. And to provide an Education with Balance in order to allow the body, soul and mind of each student to flourish.

But no matter what we continue to grow into, we will always preserve that sense of connectedness and community that underpins everything in the school. That spirit was there when the school began half a century ago, and we will muster our collective forces to ensure it remains strong 50 years from now.